EC2 Servers downtime affects Metabase

You may have heard that Amazon's EC2 Web Services have been having some problems today. As a consequence several major sites have been down. Although perhaps not a major site in the grand scheme of things, a major site for CPAN Testers is the Metabase server. It is also hosted on an EC2 server, which has been experiencing downtime.

If you're running a CPAN Testers smoker with metabase-relayd, thanks to Chris Williams' forward planning, you can now run it in offline mode as:

metabase-relayd --offline

In Chris' own words:

> It will still collect test reports, but it won't submit them to the metabase.
> I knew there was another reason for writing a relay.
> /me skips away going 'la la la'
> :)

If you're not using the relay, then you may need to stop testing until the EC2 servers come back online. We'll try and keep an eye on things and let you know when all has returned to normal.

/me prepares for Chris' 100k+ report submissions when he switches his relay back to online mode!

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