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12 Million Test Reports

Another milestone in CPAN Testers history was reached today, 11th May 2011, with over 12 million reports now stored within the database, as can be seen via the Interesting Stats page. Incredibly, as David Golden recently noted, we have submitted over 6 million via the HTTP API over the last year alone. At the current rate, I expect us to be close to 16 million reports by the end of the year.

CPAN Testers Summary - April 2011 - Sleepless

The biggest event for CPAN Testers last month was undoubtably getting caught up in the Amazon EC2 outages in North Carolina. In order to cope with fluctuating demand, the HTTP API to the metabase is hosted on an EC2 instance. While perhaps the architecture needs some revision to ensure the instances are better prepared in the event of failure, the set-up has worked pretty well for us so far. Although we don't see the millions of hits other sites do, we do see enough submissions that we want to be able to accept all without a problem. Thankfully the downtime has only…

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