June 2011 Archives

Promoting CPAN Testers

Recently Gabor Szabo has been tweeting about his climb up the CPAN Testers Leaderboard. It was something that Damian Learns Perl also picked up on his recent CPAN tester post. It was also exactly the kind of healthy competition…

CPAN Testers Wiki & Blog Updates

Following a couple of issues raised recently, I have updated the CPAN Testers Wiki and the CPAN Testers Blog sites.

Statistics back online

It's taken a little while, but the CPAN Testers Statistics site is now back online. Due to an unfortunate corruption of the cached data file, the file has taken some considerable time to rebuild.

CPAN Testers Summary - May 2011 - Little Lights

May has been a bit of a quiet month, although a few things have been happening in the background. The continuing work of packaging the websites is ongoing, and the plans for the Admin site are coming together. Having said that we did pass the 12 million reports mark in the middle of May too :)

About CPAN Testers

user-pic This is the new account for incidental and summary updates to what's happening with the CPAN Testers. For all the latest news and views please see our blog.