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Following a couple of issues raised recently, I have updated the CPAN Testers Wiki and the CPAN Testers Blog sites.

Primarily the updates for the Wiki site concentrated on user management, and the ability to register as a new user. There is still a problem with sending UTF8 mail, but mail itself should be working for anyone who has forgotten their password. The most obvious change though is that we have now changed to use Gravatars for the images used in user profiles. This falls in line with many other Perl & CPAN sites, which have standardised on using the Gravatar service.

For the Blog site, although user management has been improved, the updates were mostly for image management. For regular readers, its unlikely you will notice much change, but pages should render a little quicker now.

Both sites have also seen some upgrades and fixes with regards to W3C Guidelines compliance, and the introduction of the "EU Cookie Directive". You can now see the Terms & Conditions applicable to each site via a link at the bottom of each page. A full Privacy Policy has now been created that can be used for any site, and although CPAN Testers is an entity in name only, it might provide some reassurance that we don't intend to misuse any data we hold or use it for purposes it was never meant for. We now have to list all the cookies we use, so that any users who wish to block them can do so. I won't add to the debate and confusion regarding this here, but suffice to say it will mostly be business as usual.

Some of the updates for these two sites are part of a larger initiative to meet as higher level as possible of the WAI WCAG v2.0 Guidelines. My current aim is to attain at least A Level, with as many pages as possible attaining AA Level compliance. Further updates for these two sites, as well as other CPAN Testers sites, are planned, as further improvements are applied.

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