CPAN Testers Server Failure

Unfortunately the CPAN Testers server has a failing hard disk, which is only allowing READONLY mode access. As such, all CPAN Testers operations are now failing.

The host company has confirmed that ...

a) our disk has a fault
b) we don't have a second RAID disk (even though we're paying for it!)

As such to replace the disk it requires complete data loss!

As you might anticipate this is not making me happy today. I had already started making plans to migrate to a new server, but to do this gradually over the next month. However, it looks like this will need to be sped up.

As things stands the CT server is effectively out of action. I have read access, but will need to wait until the new server is ready before I can copy over everything as it currently stands. Although I have several backups of data, I would rather avoid rebuilding the complete set of data files.

I will keep you updated with further updates as and when I know more or when there is further progress.

Please note that this does not affect the Metabase server, and all reports submitted are being stored successfully. Once the (new/old) CT Server is up and running the feeds from the Metabase server where we left off.

Please bear with us while we get things sorted.

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Update: Server is now dead and no longer responding. Awaiting new drives, then will be rebuilding from scratch :(

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