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CPAN Testers Server Update - 29/09/2011

The last couple of weeks have been distracting for reasons that have nothing to do with CPAN Testers. Sadly Facebook and Google decided to enact their Naming Policy on my accounts, as apparently people in the real world can't possibly exist with mononyms! In the discussions that followed on-line, Peter Edwards sent me a link to a rather interesting article. Prior to the CPAN Testers server problems, I had started to add the Facebook Like and Google+ Plus…

CPAN Testers Server Update - 20/09/2011

The MySQL databases have now been rebuilt and correctly synced between each other. The SQLite databases are now being updated and these should be completed by the end of the week. This has enabled me to write some simple scripts to create and repair the databases, which I'll now be including in a separate distribution to be released on GitHub. It will also include all the apache, mysql, logrotate, cron and other config and script files, so that if we ever have to rebuild again, getting started is a lot easier.

CPAN Testers Server - Update 14/09/2011

Initial checks on the database highlighted some discrepancies, which have now been fixed. The databases have now been archived and are now rebuilding. It is hoped that this will be completed within the next few days.

The CPAN Testers server is also one of the Tier-1 fast mirrors for CPAN. With th…

CPAN Testers Summary - August 2011 - Vapor Trails

All was going well last month, we had a few problems balancing the feed and database inserts, but with some help from Devel::NYTProf, we had improved performance and were getting back on top of things. We also had two presentations at YAPC::Europe by myself and ="External Site:…

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