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CPAN Testers Summary - March 2012 - Brain Salad Surgery

So March ended on quite a high, following the 2012 QA Hackathon. With so many key people in one room, it was impressive to see how much got done. You can read reports from myself (parts 1 & 2), ="External Site:…

Sponsoring CPAN Testers

CPAN Testers has now been running for nearly 13 years. In that time we have been supported mostly by the community and some very thoughtful individuals, to whom we owe a massive thank you. Ten years ago we were submitting less than 1,000 reports (March 2002) each month, 5 years ago we reached a new high with just under 25,000 reports (March 2007) submitted. In the last year it is no longer…

About CPAN Testers

user-pic This is the new account for incidental and summary updates to what's happening with the CPAN Testers. For all the latest news and views please see our blog.