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I’ve been writing programs in Perl since about 1999. Wow, that’s a long time now. That was way back when I was studying Computer Science and working for the IT department of the University I went to. I still write Perl programs these days, at my current job, where we call it Application Development.

Since I like Perl development a lot, and I like learning about Perl, I figure I might like writing about Perl too. So that’s what I’m thinking of doing in this blog. I hope some of you find it interesting and useful. After all these years of experience, I might have something to say that you might find useful and/or interesting, especially if you are starting out with programming and/or Perl coding.

Enjoy. :)

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Welcome. A post on your current Perl projects would be nice :-)

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user-pic I've been writing in Perl since my first Perl job in 1999. I must say, Perl has been good to me and is my favourite programming language. Currently I'm an Applications Developer and Perl is the primary language I use.