Extensible Maintainable Subroutines and Methods

To make my subroutines and methods more reusable, extensible, and maintainable, I make them receive a hash reference as their only argument and return a hash reference. This has multiple benefits.

First, the parameters going into the subroutine are named when passed in, and these names are used to identify them inside the subroutine. This means that new parameters can be added with keys in the hash, a very minimal change.…

Perl Coding for the Win

I’ve been writing programs in Perl since about 1999. Wow, that’s a long time now. That was way back when I was studying Computer Science and working for the IT department of the University I went to. I still write Perl programs these days, at my current job, where we call it Application Development.

Since I like Perl development a lot, and I like learning about Perl, I figure I might like writing about Perl too. So that’s what I’m thinking of doing in this blog. I hope some of you find it interesting and useful. After all these years of experience, I might have something to sa…

About Andrew Proper

user-pic I've been writing in Perl since my first Perl job in 1999. I must say, Perl has been good to me and is my favourite programming language. Currently I'm an Applications Developer and Perl is the primary language I use.