See you next year at 36c3!

Visitors of the 35th Chaos Communication Congress had a great time between Christmas and new year's eve and you're invited to be part of it next year at the 36th congress. As everybody seems to be pleased with the venue it will probably be from December 27th to 30th again in Leipzig, Germany.

Watch the recordings of this year's talks at

We were half a dozen Perl folks just saying hello at the assembly or making our space their home over all four days. Also there were many visitors who shared their past ex…

Update: Perl Mongers 🐫🦋 at 35th Chaos Communication Congress

This is a follow-up to the previous blog post Perl[56] on the 35c3.

The Perl community will be officially present on the 35th Chaos Communication Congress! We have several well known developers on site and registered a space dedicated to Perl for everyone to visit—at this event it's called an assembly and our's is named Perl Monge…

Perl[56] on the 35c3

Between Christmas and new year (Dec 27-30) Leipzig, Germany will hold the largest hacker conference in Europe: the 35th Chaos Communication Congress. Do you consider going to 35c3?

Tickets are sold only in presale. Phase I is reserved to inhabitants of the CCC universe (this doesn't require membership to any organization–CCC e.V. [registered society] members only get a lower price) and in phase II anyone has a chance to get a ticket in the ticket shop.

Last year at the 34c3 I met some Perl people by chance and we agreed to meet this year again and to form an assembly (explanation and list of them from last year). Those are areas shaped by a special interest groups and can be anything from a simple desk up to buildings in the exhibition hall. Do we want to form an assembly (probably a pair of desks for a start)?

Why I am writing this blog post:

  • If you need a ticket and don't know the presale process, please contact me to make sure you do all you can to get a ticket! The /\d+C3/s are popular and because is space is limited not everyone can get a ticket.

  • I'd like to register an assembly and need to gather a list of people who want to participate. It's great to have a desk where you feel home and we can (don't need to) bring Perl merchandise or decorate it.

  • If you're going to visit 35c3, I can probably recommend accommodation or maybe even connect you to people that offer a sofa for free/low price.

You can reach me via e-mail at or write to our small group at If you decide to go, you might leave a comment here for everyone to see. I look forward to seeing a lot of Perl at the 35c3!

About Daniel Böhmer

user-pic I am a freelance Perl developer from, Germany. I regularly support Perl teams for weeks up to months to get things done and try to leave things better than I found it. Although I am often offered a full-time job, I like looking into different companies and sharing useful experiences between teams. Together with Lichtkind we run the Perl Mongers group. In my spare time I work on a web platform for collecting recipes and making food plans for multi-day group events: