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Dancer web framework 1.150 released

Version 1.150 of the Dancer web framework has just been released to CPAN.

Dancer is a simple and lightweight yet powerful web application framework which I recently discovered (and blogged about) when I was looking for a framework I'd actually enjoy using to write web apps.

A (very basic) Dancer web app can be as simple as:

use Dancer;

get '/hello/:name' => sub {
    return "Why, hello there " . params->{name};


Of course, most projects will be rather more complex than that; Dancer includes a helper script which sets up the scaffolding for a new Dancer application in one command, so you're ready to get coding.

There were a few improvements I thought needed making, in particularly the documentation, so I approached the author Alexis Sukrieh on IRC, forked the Dancer repository on Github, and started hacking on the code; several of my improvements are in 1.150, and I've found Alexis and the other developers to be approachable, decent developers - it's great to see the power of Open Source at work.

For a brief rundown of using Dancer, check out the new Dancer Cookbook.

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