Dancer web framework 1.150 released

Version 1.150 of the Dancer web framework has just been released to CPAN.

Dancer is a simple and lightweight yet powerful web application framework which I recently discovered (and blogged about) when I was looking for a framework I'd actually enjoy using to write web apps.

A (very basic) Dancer web app can be as simple as:

use Dancer;

get '/hello/:name' => sub {
    return "Why, hello there " . params->{name};


Of course, most projects will be rather more complex than that; Dancer includes a helper script which sets up the scaffolding for a new Dancer application in one command, so you're ready to get coding.

There were a few improvements I thought needed making, in particularly the documentation, so I approached the author Alexis Sukrieh on IRC, forked the Dancer repository on Github, and started hacking on the code; several of my improvements are in 1.150, and I've found Alexis and the other developers to be approachable, decent developers - it's great to see the power of Open Source at work.

For a brief rundown of using Dancer, check out the new Dancer Cookbook.


You sure managed to get a lot of work done in a short time. I remember thinking "where the hell did this guy come from?!"

So props on all the work so far! Good job! :)

I see you have integrated Template::Tiny....that is a nice module. I like the syntax of TT over HTML::Template and it uses less memory according to the Template::Tiny author.

Yes, we have. :)

Actually we have several Template backends. There's also a new Task::Dancer module which installs them and other Dancer modules. However, it is currently still in "recommends" mode so it asks you about all of them. Today I'll try to release it again as "auto_features" mode where it asks about different features instead of all of it.

It's really easy to contribute to Dancer and you should check it out! :)

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