Browsing the puny (I miss Borders!) Technology section at the local Barnes & Noble today, I did not see a single Perl book. I was hoping that they sold out, but the manager confirmed my fears: they no longer carry Perl books in that store. The reason, he said, is that no Perl book has been published since 2012.

In regard to the size of the Technology section: The way the shelves are stocked is based on sales. Since people rarely buy their technology books from the store (guilty...), the Technology section is correspondingly small. "The people who are interested in these books …

...but which one is easier to learn?


Twelve years ago, Perl 6

In Software Exorcism (published in 2003), there is a mention of Perl 6:

    The JVM is not the only virtual machine on the market. The Parrot virtual machine, for example, executes bytecode compiled from Perl 6.

ctags now supports Perl 6

We added support for Perl 6 to ctags. Give it a shot: grab a copy from GitHub.

I like you just the way you are.

Perl, I like you just the way you are. There's been some interesting features and fancy OO modules in the last ten years, but my code is still 5.6.0...