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This is a public service announcement.

By now, everyone has heard that HTTP/3 is coming. Based on Google's QUIC protocol that began as an experiment circa 2012, IETF QUIC and HTTP/3 are likely to become standards this year.

My employer, LiteSpeed Technologies, has been actively participating in the standardization process. We have also open-sourced several of our C libraries, QUIC Client and QPACK among them.

It would be cool if Perl were one of the first to get its own HTTP/3 or QPACK library. This is a call for a volunteer -- someone who is looking for a new project that is sure to get a lot of mileage. I would be glad to help augment our libraries to facilitate this process.

- Dmitri.

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Dear Dmitri,

i´ve seen the source, but it's not a simple mind.

The establishing of new standards are very tricky. Sure you can define some things and rules, but we know, what happens from the simple minds.

There are more ways to implement the base.

* autonomous package
* injection to an existing package
* injection as wrapper

I think, that perl6 haves this options too.

My favorite vision will be an autonomous package, as part of a great one. The thing behind is the chance, to create a server, who is able to improve the security.

In the history i tested various concepts and was not amused about the experience of classical service providings. Different sidepass-attacks can be kicked off, that left from the age of kidding.

So the result should be a new slim server with secured efficency in services, who cares backstage ready to next stage.

This mind will not disqualify all these lines of existing packages, but i think, when required, it could be extended.


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