Perl 6 Training at TPC - Salt Lake City

After TPC join me for The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Perl 6 at The Little America in Salt Lake City.

ANTLR4::Grammar v0.1.0 to Perl 6 CPAN

ANTLR4::Grammar lets you convert ANTLR4 lexer and parser grammars from ANTLR to Perl 6. It currently works with all of the basic EBNF constructs, and for the moment chooses to ignore the features of ANTLR that the native Grammar type doesn't support. When I've added the basic Action class I'll probably add support for ANTLR4 modes. ANTLR4 types make a bit of sense as they've at least got string and int types, but actions don't make much sense as if you're using the tool, you're likely porting an existing Java- or C-based grammar over to Perl 6 and the existing Java code wouldn't makeā€¦

Abusing Multiple Dispatch in Perl 6 for fun and profit

Abusing Multiple Dispatch Creatively is avallable on my blog for perusal. Comments and questions welcome as always.

Simple tree walking in Perl 6

Check out Tree Surgery for a quick guide on how to easily walk generic trees of Perl 6 data.

DRYing your Perl 6 tests

Ah, the joys of conference-driven development. DRYing your Perl Tests is now out, probably going to be a series, maybe even a book. It's just a quick take on refactoring test suites in Perl 6. Maybe it goes too far, but at least it goes somewhere. I actually promised this before London Perl Workshop 2017 and made it almost on time.