Perl 6 book

Reading the description of the new book, Think Perl 6, I see one line "how to program and think like a computer scientist" and in the same week I hear from a friend of mine trying to get into the gig economy and the only jobs he can bid on turn out to be someone's CS assignment. Me starts to think that one way for profs trying to curb students' tendency to False Laziness would be to set assignments in Perl 6, provided they are willing to pick up the language themselves.

There are other approaches. My sibling's prof taug…

Mojolicious and FullCalendar.js

You've been pulled into an impromptu meeting where the client now wants a web calendar tacked onto their application. Grimace. Walk out worried. But most important ...

Don't re-invent the wheel.

FullCalendar.js has most of what's required by default, is extensible and will take a json web feed. Given a list of hash refs, Mojolicious will spit out json. I'll show you a short template for displaying the calendar. Creating all your calendar appointments in json is left as an exercise for the reader.

Perl6 module namespace

I'm going to talk about that which I know very little, but looking at the Perl6 Module Directory, I see a namespace that's already storing up pain. Why are there so many modules in the top level namespace that make no sense for a language that has designs on world domination? I can believe that in the early days of development there's an intoxicating freedom to give your module a snappy name, but didn't we learn these lessons 20 years ago? What happened to Noun::Adjective::Adjective as the guiding principle?

If you're determined to re-invent the wheel, at least try to invent a better one. - Camel Book, 2nd ed. p277. footnote on False Impatience.

Corrupting the Youth

There's a new version of Modern Perl out in print now. So, what should you do with your old one?

I gave mine away.

Perl in Universities

A very late comment on a small portion of Brian's remarks to Dave's thoughts on recruitment in December. In a blow to my work productivity, I can now login again so I'll clear out some of the drafts I've had hanging around. I don't need to know why I can now or couldn't before. The Truth is I had real work to do and the Universe was telling me to focus. Collateral damage is unavoidable.

In this post, I make short, tangentially relevant comments on why grabbing Perl mindshare is important and a couple of ways for sneaking it into universities through the back door.

I have no explanation for this

I'm a little concerned that the We have enough is bordering on the complacent. I'm not sure how many exciting COBOL projects are out there. There are enough COBOL programmers and they are paid well, but you'll need a hobby to make life interesting.
- quote from December's draft. Maybe you can enlighten me on what I was thinking.