Thank You, Glen Hinkle!

A very quick post just to say that I'm very excited to get into work today and it's all because of Glen Hinkle and his Amazing Mojocasts.

eBooks ... for Science!

I slid into the world of eBooks when a half-price Nook sale collided with O'Reilly's
Day against DRM half-price sale. It was the Perfect Storm that this tight-fisted Luddite needed to take the plunge. I set myself a budget and just as I'd picked out all the books that I allowed myself, O'Reilly decided I'd bought enough to merit a 60% discount, so more books had to be bought. One must stick to the budget!

PubMed is experimenting with ePub formats and they are much easier to read than the customary PDF's, but waiting for everything to be converted (or just trying to find one) would try the patience of even Vladimir.

I have a suggestion for someone with more Impatience than me. (I started this post 5 months ago). Have a look at LaTeXML and then think that with many of the papers submitted in LaTeX and a tool that converts to XML, you're halfway to reading all your latest science down the coffee shop.

Porting Tests to Perl 6

Just reading Brent Laabs post on Porting a Module to Perl 6 and two things occurred to me. The first was that I should start getting into Perl 6 sooner rather than later and get the few modules I'm involved with changed over, ready for the big day.

The second and more important one is that, if I'm to assure myself that the module behaves in the same way as the Perl 5 module, the original tests need to pass. I would have invested much on those tests to verify the module works the way I think it should. …

Finally turning on to DBIx::Class

It's a snow day and time to play. I have a cow orker who prefers to write all the business logic in SQL because he hasn't moved on from what he learnt in the 80's. Nice guy, but I suspect he has a hearing deficiency because he never listens to what I have to say (or he's got a nasty case of NIH). Yesterday, he happened to be getting on my last nerve, but that no longer matters for I will have sweet, sweet Revenge.

Today I started playing with dbic.

What goes well with DBIx::Class - the review.

In my case, it went very well with Fideos de Sepia and a nice glass of Fina Enguera.

This is not really a review of Dave's Perl School. His style is competent, informative, sometimes entertaining and pitched right at my level of Perl. Unlike the Moose school I went to in December, this lecture could have gone on for another hour discussing the finer points, but people have lives and we finished at 5pm.

This is more a bit of navel-gazing about what DBIx::Class might mean to me.