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The Best Perl Development Firm?

I just saw this posting about the best Perl development firm. There is an entry on Online PR news and some kind of a listing on the website of "Best Web Design Agencies".

Does anyone know any of these companies or is this just pure SEO and I just gave them more ranking?

Where can I find a Catalyst hosting company?

What are your options when you would like to deploy an application written in Perl using the Catalyst MVC framework? Is the most advanced option to rent a dedicated server, install everything yourself and go?

Are there companies that offer ready-made dedicated or virtual servers with Catalyst and mod_perl already configured? I found a list of hosting companies on the Catalyst web site (though it was not linked from the main page) but as I can see none of them ready-made solutio…

How would you show Catalyst (or Moose or DBIx::Class or Perl 6) in 5 minutes?

One of the things we missed on CeBIt is an easy way to show various Perl technologies. We improvised which worked ok but for the upcoming events - and we are planning to participate on a number of events in the next 6 months - we would like to be a lot more prepared.

We would would like to have a 5 minutes long presentation on each interesting topic. After going over the slides that would allow every one of us to talk about almost every one of the projects. For example when people asked us about Perl 6 the other Perl::Staff members sent the visitors to me and I showed them a few of my…

Releasing Bugzilla to CPAN

Once in a while we talk about things such as GreyPAN or DarkPAN referring to open source Perl code that is not on CPAN or code that is hidden behind corporate firewalls respectively. It might be interesting to see if we can encourage more of that code to be released to CPAN.

AFAIK Bugzilla is one of the successful Perl projects in terms of user base but it does not have a huge mind share in the Perl community. I am not sure what are the reasons but I think the fact that it is not on CPAN is part of this so I loo…

Perl on Android

I just bought an Archos 5 Internet tablet. The whole mobile world is quite new for me. My mobile phones were quite old fashioned and I never tried to install any application there. The small screen size wasn't too attractive.
So I am learning. So far I managed to connect it to wifi and even installed AppsLib which seems to be the main interface to install additional applications.

I tried the GPS but so far I don't think I saw it working but I was just sitting at home with the devices and it might need…

Double pressing the on/off button does not do what I expect...

I was reading yet another post that was trying to bash Perl without actually pointing at a feature that is really bad in the language when I saw that comment about

reverse reverse "hello"

not doing what the author wanted.

This is the point when I was trying to imagine someone sitting in front his TV and double clicking on the on/off button and being surprised it "does not work".

Testing a blog software

It works.

Thanks Dave!

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