#Perl on Dev.TO

Dave Cross already suggested to use other forums for Perl-related posts, especially pointing to dev.to where our posts can be more visible to the outside world than here on bpo.

I followed his advice and started to post there too. I even volunteered to become a moderator of the #perl tag on dev.to.

So I'd like to invite you to follow that tag and to post articles there using the #perl tag and other tags that might be relevant to your posts.

Supporting Perl-related creators via Patreon and GitHub

Yesterday I posted about this in the Perl Weekly newsletter and both Mohammad and myself got 10 new supporters. This is awesome.

There are not many ways to express the fact that you really value the work of someone.
You can send them postcards or thank-you notes, but when was the last time you remembered to do that?

Right, I also keep forgetting to thank the people who create all the free and awesome stuff I use.

Giving money as a way to express your thanks is frowned upon…

Help improving the Perl Maven Tutorial!

As you might know I wrote the Perl Maven Tutorial along with most of the 800 other posts on the Perl Maven site during the past 6 years or so.

It became the most frequently read Perl Tutorial and the site is the 4th most visited Perl-related site after cpan.org, perl.org, and perlmonks.org.

I've received many comments on the individual articles that make up the Perl Tutorial. Some required and immediate fix or answer, but many included suggestions that need a lot more work to implement.

Patreon and Perl

Once upon a time there was Gittip that became Gratipay that got shut down. Several Perl developers had account there and many got contributions through that platform.

A few days ago I've started to use Patreon that allows people to support each other on a monthly basis. (Or per creation.)

Searching for perl shows lots of unrelated entries. So it won't be easy to find other people contributing to Perl or writing about Perl.

This is my account: ="https://www.patreon.com/szab…

Bailador documentation

The documentation of Bailador was updated. It looks much better now.