Double pressing the on/off button does not do what I expect...

I was reading yet another post that was trying to bash Perl without actually pointing at a feature that is really bad in the language when I saw that comment about

reverse reverse "hello"

not doing what the author wanted.

This is the point when I was trying to imagine someone sitting in front his TV and double clicking on the on/off button and being surprised it "does not work".


I replied there.

It pissed me off that they simply misunderstood how it works, didn't bother to check any documentation (two lines, hello?!) and just went online and blabbed about how Perl is stupid.

Seems like anonymous childish redit buffoonery.

One of the most frequent complaints that I've heard - and saw in the comment thread - is that Perl is inconsistent. I understand why people think this. The rules that Perl follows seem strange to people unaccustomed to ideas like context.

However, my complaint and love of Perl is that the language is obnoxiously consistent. It will always behave exactly the way you tell it to behave. You just need to understand what you're telling Perl to do. You're not going to get much mileage by pretending it's not Perl - not without some extensive help from CPAN.

Consistent of being inconsistent?

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