How would you show Catalyst (or Moose or DBIx::Class or Perl 6) in 5 minutes?

One of the things we missed on CeBIt is an easy way to show various Perl technologies. We improvised which worked ok but for the upcoming events - and we are planning to participate on a number of events in the next 6 months - we would like to be a lot more prepared.

We would would like to have a 5 minutes long presentation on each interesting topic. After going over the slides that would allow every one of us to talk about almost every one of the projects. For example when people asked us about Perl 6 the other Perl::Staff members sent the visitors to me and I showed them a few of my slides I picked based on my knowledge of Perl 6. If we had a well prepared set of slides showing a few features of Perl 6 then any one of us could have shown those.

Renee and I put together a list of a few topics we thought should have such presentations. I'd like to call to the people who actually understand those subjects to put together the material we can show.

If you think there are other worthy projects, please add them to the list. The topics could also be cross-project topics. e.g. show 3-5 web frameworks, each one in 1 minute. Just so the listener has a general overview and then can ask for one of them in more detail.



I think that explain/build a twitter like app or url shorter, or copypaste like, or registration form or any simple/fast HTTP/DBIx app, can be funny and give a overview of these tools.

Feel free to use content from:

I've actually got 4 articles (Cat/DBIx::Class/Moose/Devel::NYTProf) that are along these lines (overview), I'm not ready to make them public yet, but will be very shortly

I noticed this blog:

a few days ago, which is a really nice example of how easy it is to do useful things in perl AND the code doesn't look like line noise.

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