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I just bought an Archos 5 Internet tablet. The whole mobile world is quite new for me. My mobile phones were quite old fashioned and I never tried to install any application there. The small screen size wasn't too attractive.

So I am learning. So far I managed to connect it to wifi and even installed AppsLib which seems to be the main interface to install additional applications.

I tried the GPS but so far I don't think I saw it working but I was just sitting at home with the devices and it might need some movement. No idea. Never had a GPS.

Anyway, one of the main reasons I bough this and not some other devices is that I wanted to research - you see I had to have a "business reason" to buy it :-) - how can I run applications written in Perl on it.

I searched a bit about Perl on Android but so far I found relatively little information. I think it is quite important and probably will be a lot of fun to run Perl on the device so I started to collect the little information I found about
Perl on Android. If you have any more details or pointers I'd appreciate your additions.


ASE (Android Scripting Environment) is what allows you currently to run Perl on Android.

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I need to run a Perl script ( from my Android app. I came across perl-android-apk project which seems just what I need. It comes as an eclipse project and you can build what you need from this base. The problem is that I need this inside my own project.
how to hide apps in android

So my question is how can I incorporate this inside my own project? I am open to other suggestions about running a Perl script on Android too - however, the Perl interpreter needs to be contained in my APK.

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