Where can I find a Catalyst hosting company?

What are your options when you would like to deploy an application written in Perl using the Catalyst MVC framework? Is the most advanced option to rent a dedicated server, install everything yourself and go?

Are there companies that offer ready-made dedicated or virtual servers with Catalyst and mod_perl already configured? I found a list of hosting companies on the Catalyst web site (though it was not linked from the main page) but as I can see none of them ready-made solution.

I am not in the web application building business but I wonder if it would not make sense to have a web hosting offering with a turn-key Catalyst environment and even with a small demo application already running?

It could be as simple as a standard dedicated server (or VPS) with all the necessary packages already installed and Apache configured.


The CPAN Testers 2.0 beta server is deployed on Amazon's EC2. A prepaid server instance is very inexpensive compared to other virtual host options. The setup wasn't trivial, but it wasn't terribly difficult, either. The major difficulty I had was lack of good documentation or cookbooks. Around the time the server goes to production mode, I plan to package up the server into a reusable instance anyway, so if you remind me later, I'll try to streamline it down to something that could be close to turn-key.

-- dagolden

I've been dreaming (and suggesting someone to do startups for) Plack hosting VPS using one of the pure perl PSGI web servers rather than a very specific mod_perl + Catalyst.

I think Joyent's accelerator thing is quite close for the hosting bit for pre-configured hosted environment: http://wiki.joyent.com/accelerators:kb:perl

The Israeli Py guys we saw wanted to develop a product that sets up an environment for you on a remote server.

We could create such an app ourselves using local::lib.

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