News coverage of the release of Perl 5.12

the latest version of perl was released 4 days ago. It was interesting to see how it was reported on various channels.

Some were sort-of comparing it to Perl 6. Others wrote that it does not have major changes just a few bug fixes. Some wrote that The Perl Foundation announces it, others were stressing the release of ActivePerl 5.12 by ActiveState.

In any case I'd be interested to collect the news coverage about the release. So if you saw any other articles - either in English or in any other language - please post it on the wiki page of The Perl Foundation or just leave the links here as a comment and I'll copy them over to the wiki.

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No surprise the ActiveState release was spoken of, they are a real company and probably had a real press release.

AFAIK there was no official press release or promo materials for Perl 5.12.0, just the normal pod delta. Personally I wish we had the press release and promo stuff considered part of any release, this is normal for pretty much any development project excepting Perl, since we all seem to hate anything that has to do with marketing. Last time I tried to write a PR when Catalyst hit a major release there was a lot of blow back (but some support) and the kit we finalized on did not really get picked up widely.

There's definitely an art to both writing the press release and getting it seen as newsworthy. I wish we could get a few really awesome marketing people interested in this. Might make an interested project for some marketing graduate students, given how much perl continues to suffer visibility wise, dispite all the great advances we've made to improve our community PR efforts.

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