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Perl 6 training course after YAPC::EU on 7th August

After hearing the talk of Patrick I decided to offer a Perl 6 training at YAPC::EU. The organizers were kind enough to accept my offer even though it is way after the dead line. So if you'd like to learn Perl 6, on the 7th August I am going to give a training in Pisa, Italy. For details please look at the Perl 6 for programmers page.

The Dutch SPPN helps funding the promotion of Perl

During the German Perl Workshop I met my friend Mark Overmeer who asked me who financed my trips to the various events promoting Perl. I got lucky that in every place friends gave me free accommodation. The Perl Foundation, and YEF covered the

Then I checked and actually I paid 3,446 USD for the 4 trips.

It would be quite a lot of money to spend on my hobby but I see it also as an investment.
It is par…

On my way to YAPC::NA in Columbus, Ohio

I had this nice 13 hours flight from Israel to Atlanta, GA and now I am at
but I have now two talks to give at the conference.

Actually we arrived 30 minutes early but the doors could not be opened
as the custom officers were not in their place yet. Go figure.

Anyway I found a nice spot where I could see the sun rising. It was
very nice but I should rather focus on my talks.

(Re)Packaging CPAN modules by downstream distributions

One of them is about packaging C…

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