On my way to YAPC::NA in Columbus, Ohio

I had this nice 13 hours flight from Israel to Atlanta, GA and now I am at
the airport waiting for my connection to Columbus, OH. Quite last minute
but I have now two talks to give at the conference.

Actually we arrived 30 minutes early but the doors could not be opened
as the custom officers were not in their place yet. Go figure.

Anyway I found a nice spot where I could see the sun rising. It was
very nice but I should rather focus on my talks.

(Re)Packaging CPAN modules by downstream distributions

One of them is about packaging CPAN modules for the various downstream
distributions. It is mostly a bunch of whining on how little is being packaged
with some explanation why does that happen. I'll try to provide some ideas on how we
might break out from the vicious cycle of a chicken and egg problem but I
won't go into how to package CPAN modules for Debian, Fedora or FreeBSD.
Especially as I don't know that stuff.

I gave this talk at FOSDEM in Brussels in February in front of some 30 people
but as far as I know nothing serious happened since then. I know I did not
do anything in the subject as I was busy with other things.

Perl on Android

I think it would be important for the Perl community to invest some
time and energy in turning Perl into a good choice for programming
mobile devices. For this reason I bought an Android device and
started to play with it. Soon I managed to get SawyerX enthusiastic
and the two of made to joined talks. This time I'll be alone so I'll
try to rememeber what SawyersX is usually saying and showing and
include that too in my talk.

In any case it turns out you don't even need to own an Android based
device as ost of the programming you'd do on the emulator anyway.
So what you need is only a computer and some spare tuits.

TPF booth

While there are tons of very good talks at this conference I
think I'll spend most of my time at the TPF booth. OK, so it is
not (yet) an official TPF booth but I'll have a bunch of T-shirts
that I'll give away in exchange for a donation to the TPF.
I'll also use the opportunity to talk to many people
who I only know via the wire. Please come by and say hi!

TPF Ecosystem grant request

Yesterday as I was about to board my flight I got a notification
from Karen Pauley that finally my grant request will be posted
for public discussion. I think I should write about it a lot
more later but for now, please go over to the
TPF new site,
read the proposal and comment on it.

I have been talking with several people about a similar project
under various names such as "Perl Ecosystem" and "Perl Association".
That would have been a non-profit organization separate from the TPF.
The most common question I got was "why not do it within TPF?"

So here is now the proposal that came out from that idea but this
time doing it within The Perl Foundation.

It would be very important for me to get many feedbacks, even if you
have already commented on it privately, please read the new proposal
and comment on it on the TPF news page.

If you happen to be at YAPC::NA and have questions I'd be happy to
talk to you. Finding me will hopefully not be a problem at that booth.

YAPC::NA preparations

Some pictures so far

Oh and I just found out that I cannot access my server via the wireless of the dorms as I am running ssh on a non-standard port. (port 22 should work though) So I'll probably blog here and not on my regular blog.

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