The Dutch SPPN helps funding the promotion of Perl

During the German Perl Workshop I met my friend Mark Overmeer who asked me who financed my trips to the various events promoting Perl. I got lucky that in every place friends gave me free accommodation. The Perl Foundation, and YEF covered the
cost of the conference swag so I only had to pay the flights out of my pocket.

Then I checked and actually I paid 3,446 USD for the 4 trips.

It would be quite a lot of money to spend on my hobby but I see it also as an investment.
It is part of the scheme to get Perl used more and if my grant request at The Perl Foundation gets approved then my work will bring in enough money to TPF to cover my expenses and get compensation for the time I spend working on this.

Still Mark offered to help telling me that the SPPN (Stichting Perl Promotie Nederland aka. Foundation for the Promotion of Perl in the Netherlands) has some money and they might be able to help me cover some of my expenses.

So I sent them a detailed list of flights and expenses and within a few hours I got an approval from their board to get 500 Euro helping to cover my costs.

That's awesome. Thank you very much Dutch Perl Mongers!

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