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Promoting Perl is fun

A year and a half ago, on the private mailing list of the White Camel recipients I was accused that I am trying to promote myself by promoting the White Camel award, that I am trying to turn it into a cheap marketing trick. It was done by someone I very much appreciated.

A few weeks ago, I was accused that I want to tax the funds of the Perl community.

Then in a private, "conversation" on IRC I was compared to some female body parts because I was "attacking" t…

What would you like TPF to do?

As a response to my grant request there were several comments pointing out that it is unclear to some people what TPF does and what it should do. So while I am not a representative of TPF let me ask this question. What would you like The Perl Foundation to do?

I hope that the responses to this question will allow the board of TPF to form their own strategy or at least to ask a better question.

Membership and board:

Currently the bylaws of TPF do not allow membership. Therefo…

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