What do we, Perl programmers, want?

Just thinking aloud about a list of things people using Perl want.

Here is what I want:

  • Get my job done.
  • Be appreciated.
  • Improve my skills while at work.
  • Enjoy my work, make something cool.
  • Get reasonable salary/income.

What do you want?

Written by Gabor Szabo.


Isn't that what everyone wants no matter what they do?

I think your list is too general to answer what people using Perl want. In that department I want:

  • a Perl5 core that keeps evolving: Jesse views on the future of perl are very welcome;
  • better tools to find the best modules (plural) for a task: I want to know what mst, jesse, ovid, miyagawa, sri, abigail, and many many others use on their day-to-day. I would like to know when they switch from module X to Y for task T, and why. That knowledge, if a tool was created to collect and make it searcheable, would make CPAN a saner place.

Just these two, please. One for perl and one for CPAN. Those are my tools.

I want better documentation in CPAN, and a better community.

That Perl Developers learn something with the Ruby community, there are a lot of people sharing code and sharing their problems and how they solve it.

They also have a website with video tutorials http://railscasts.com/

Perl is here for years and the community can't do something differente, something out of the box to help new incomers like ruby did?

You have the knowledge but all you are too busy or lazzy to do something different.

I would like one place to go to learn perl, something like microsoft had for asp.net (http://www.asp.net/web-forms/), it has changed now though... with lots of video tutorials / screencast tutorials / Linda.com type stuff too...

Where you could go through a whole catalogue of material, several times, and know that you were learning in a good manner...

@davidslv - if you want a "better" community, you should be that community you want. Make some perlcasts, for example, that rival railscasts. (Here's how: http://bit.ly/qxhaiu)

Whatever you think is missing in Perl, fill in that piece. Show all the "lazy" people how it should be done.

do what I mean (I'm currently casting variables to get floating point results from a division in an other language than Perl, sigh.)
friendly community.
more Perl hype.
have more time to learn cool features of Perl.

An almost complete and fast Perl 6 implementation.

I want other people to stop making my work less enjoyable (I already enjoy my work) by making it harder.

(note: not being able to login with my blogger openid and basically being made to make an account here ... is making my ability to comment on this harder and thus less enjoyable ).

I want peace on Earth and good will towards men.

And a Winnebago.

More visible modern Perl apps are needed. E.G. Moose, Catalyst, Plack, etc are great, but I want to see something (FOSS) I can use built on them, that rivals our PHP/Ruby/Python alternatives.

I think you don't understand...

I don't know enough perl to start doing something for others.

Why you all don't start something !?

I would like blogs.perl.org, to be out of beta

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