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Almost a year of Perl news...

The first issue of the Perl Weekly was sent out on 1st August 2011. Almost a year ago.

In case you don't know what it is: It is a weekly e-mail with a curated collection of links to the most intersting, Perl-related articles of the previous week. As seen by myself.

I wrote about it several times on this forum, but I think this might be a good opportunity to mention it again. There was also a suggestion that people should brag about the stuff they build. I totally agree.


What package provides gdlib-config in your distribution?

I just tried to install GD from CPAN. It complained that gdlib-config is missing and that I should install libgd.
After some search I found out that in Ubuntu gdlib-config is provided by libgd2-xpm-dev and not by libgd.

So I am sending a patch to Lincol Stein to have a better error message, but it would be nice if I could included the names of the correct packages from other Linux distributions.

Hence the question.

What package provides gdlib-config in your distribution?

How to make your perl blog post more personal?

I am following lots of Perl related blogs, including most of those posted on blogs.perl.org, and share many of those posts on the various social channels of Perl Weekly.

Both Facebook and the Google Page fetch the images embedded in the post and offer them as thumbnails. If you look at the pages, I think the ones with images stand out more and are probably read by more people.

How to set up visitor analyzis on blogs.perl.org


Apparently the admins of blogs.perl.org managed to close the JavaScript related security issue, which also disabled this solutions. I leave the article here for now but we cannot see the number of visitors this way. I hope a better solution will be implemented soon.

How to set up visitor analyzis on blogs.perl.org

On Saturday I posted a question How many people read your blog?
and included a GetClicky (affiliate)…

How many people read your blog?

I was just wondering if authors on blogs.perl.org know how how many people read their posts? I looked around the options inside Movable Type but could not locate anything.

If there is a way, could anyone explain please?

I have a solution ...

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