How to make your perl blog post more personal?

I am following lots of Perl related blogs, including most of those posted on, and share many of those posts on the various social channels of Perl Weekly.

Both Facebook and the Google Page fetch the images embedded in the post and offer them as thumbnails. If you look at the pages, I think the ones with images stand out more and are probably read by more people.

Your picture on

It is quite easy to add you picture to After logging in, you only need to click on the Edit profile link and you'll see the place where you can upload a user picture. Upload your favorite avatar and I believe it will make the post a bit more personal. Just as CPAN became much nicer since the avatars were included.

Other articles

BTW in case you don't care about pictrures but want to read about Perl.
I have recently posted an article on how to test Perl 6 modules and scripts and another one with the 19 most important file-system tools in Perl 5.

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