Proc::ProcessTable needs a C lover

I just tried to install Server::Control on a linux box.
It depends on Proc::ProcessTable which blew up during testing:

t/process.t .. Can't load '/home/gabor/.cpan/build/
Proc/ProcessTable/' for module
Proc::ProcessTable:  /home/gabor/.cpan/build/
Proc/ProcessTable/ undefined 
symbol: pthread_once at 
/opt/dwimperl- line 190. at t/process.t line 9.
(I had to break the lines of the error as putting it in <pre> tags caused the lines to be cut off. Sorry for that.)

I have not yet figured out if I could just force install and get awy with it or not, but I looked at the state of that module. 40% test repors failed and it has 49 open bugs.

On the other direction 23 other modules depend on this one.

I don't have the knowledge, nor the tuits for this module, but if you have some time and some C knowledge, this could be a nice module to fix.


First look for existing fixes, such as in the RT queue.
Many maintainers stay unresponsive,
so CPAN came up with the distoprefs.

My patch for this problem is is at

There much more than just this module.

Proc::ProcessTable 0.45 is terribly broken on Perls with threading turned off.

Install Proc::ProcessTable 0.44 and things should work fine.

I would love to know how to remove Proc::ProcessTable 0.45 from CPAN, or re-release 0.44 as 0.46. The author has pretty much vanished.


This is scary. I'm using Server::Control V 0.20 and Proc::ProcessTable V 0.45 under Debian 6/64 bit (stable) without problems.

I normally use cpanm but now I just downloaded Server::Control and ran the tests without problems.

Is it more of an OS issue?


Hi Gabor

Understood. Sorry for the terse q.

I was fishing for info as to whether or not transferring the code to a similar-but-different OS would incur these problems.

The Linux patch I apply is -- there are others, but I seem to get along without them.

Under OpenBSD, I apply

Perhaps more interestingly, a respondent to that ticket expressed the intent to refactor the module. And publish? Who knows?

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