Task::DWIM 0.04 for DWIM Perl

In the recent month or two I did not have any time to work on DWIM Perl, the Perl distribution with batteries included, but yesterday I managed to do something little that might help.

I created a Task distribution listing all the modules DWIM Perl should contain. Actually, it is only a first list, but it already has quite a few modules.

In case you don't know, Task distributions are usually empty distributions containing only a list of prerequisites. They make it easy to install a bunch of modules.

If you are wondering what is DWIM Perl, it is a Perl distribution, that contains all the modules you'll ever need.
The idea is to make it super easy for anyone to get started with Perl, without first learning how to install CPAN modules, and without getting confused when the latest and greatest from CPAN happens to be broken.
The other idea is to make it easy for you to distribute an application, without the need to explain how to install modules from CPAN. Again, avoiding the potential problems associated with always getting the latest from CPAN.

I created Task::DWIM, in the hope, that some people will help testing all the modules of DWIM Perl to improve he chances the modules can be installed when the time comes to build a new DWIM Perl distribution.

You only need to install Task::DWIM and report any failing prerequisites. To make it almost totally automatic, you could first configure your CPAN client to automatically report any failures during installation. (That should take less than 5 minutes.)

Then you only need to switch to manual reporting, if the installation gets stuck.

Later someone could try to create a list of CPAN distributions you could help out with limiting it to the set of modules needed for DWIM Perl.

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