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AnyEvent::ForkManager stuck on Strawberry but not on ActivePerl?

I am not exactly sure if the difference is between Strawberry Perl and Active Perl, but it looks like it is there and I am stuck like the test of the module.

Version 0.03 of AnyEvent::ForkManager has another minor issue, you need to already have Test::Requires, which is then not used, but once you install that module, here is the main point:

On ActivePerl the test fails. See the reports
by David Solimano and

13% of CPAN distributions don't have a test report on Windows

Barbie recently created a new page listing all the CPAN distributions without a single Test report.

Given that currently there are 26,547 distributions on CPAN that represents 13% of all the distributions.

Not bad.

Especially if we compare with some of the other platforms:

GNU/Linux 483
Mac OS X 2,66…

50% of the new CPAN uploads lack a repository link

I just checked the 1000 most recent CPAN uploads. 504 of them did not have a link to the repository of their source code. I was quite surprised by this. After all we are talking about open source code where having a link to a public version contol system can increase cooperation.

So I put together an article on how to add the repository link to the META files. It is very simple in all the 4 major packaging systems.

I hope this article helps, and more CPAN authors will include …

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