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How to involve more Indians in the Perl community?

A few days ago I published some data on the distributions of visitors of the Perl Maven site and the people clicking on the links in Perl Weekly newsletter. (The number of visitors there is not that interesting.)

One intersting part of the data is that the 11.68% of the visitors of the Perl 5 Maven site are from India while they only generate 1.60% of the clicks in the Perl Weekly.

Why is the difference and what can be done with this information?

Perl Maven in Brazilian Portuguese

Slowly, but the Perl Maven site is gaining popularity among people looking for information about Perl. I'll write about the stats later.

Last week Felipe Leprevost asked me if I'd agree for him to translate the Perl Tutorial to Portuguese. I was happy to say yes as I believe having a decent introduction to Perl in your native language can make a big difference, even if later on you'll need to improve your English.
He made the translation and we already…

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