Interview with Jeffrey Thalhammer

I have been trying to conduct interviews for, I think at least a year, but I was never able to figure out the technology. It is still not what I'd like to have, but I think it is reasonably good already to get started.

So let me show you the first interview with
Jeffrey Thalhammer, author of Perl::Critic and Pinto


I like it!
Super interesting so see more than just ASCII from Perl-Authors

As a newbie, this interview was particularly informative and valuable to me.

I had seen discussions about Pinto here and perhaps elsewhere, but must have glossed over it because until now I had no idea what Pinto was all about. It is now registered in my mind as something very important - I see the need for it and will be paying attention to it, and realize that perhaps someday I will be fortunate enough to use it.

I also found your discussion about the Perl communities "idealism" very interesting. It further motivates me to work to try and become a part of this community.

Thank you Jeffrey for your work, and Gabor for conducting and posting this interview.

We also interviewed Jeffrey about Pinto for FLOSS Weekly at

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