Interview with Michael Schwern

Especially for the weekend readers, here is my
interview with Michael Schwern. Enjoy and share!

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If I have a huge application, already in production - we are making tons of money, why should we start testing now? Why is it good for us?

If you're not changing it - don't, leave it. If this is something that just cranks away in the corner and nobody ever has to touch it, fine - leave it. But, if this is something that cranks away in the corner and you need to touch it but are afraid to because you'll lose half your business due to credit card processing or inventory or something like that, then your entire business is being held back by the fact that you cannot touch this code. The center of your business is rotten and you know it. It would be kind of like if you produce parts and your milling machine is 50 years old and is going to fall apart, and you've got one guy who knows how to maintain it and that person is ready for retirement...


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