Promoting perl outside the echo chamber

A few weeks ago, to the encouragement of Jeffrey Thalhammer,
I contacted the Chief editor of The ChangeLog and offered to write Perl-related articles. He agreed, and since then I managed to post 3 articles. They were about GitPrep, Questhub, and Sqitch.

For now my main focus is to show applications written in Perl that can be used by anyone, even if they are not programmers. Tools that solve problems even non-Perl programmers can have.

I mostly work off my list of Perl based Open source products, but I'll be happy to add other products as well.

So if you have a product, even in early stage, that could use some publicity outside the Perl echo-chamber, please let me know.

Oh, and if you like the stuff I do for promoting Perl, please consider supporting me by subscribing to the Perl Maven Pro.


Circos : tools for visualizing data, used in particular in the biological scientific community

App::TimeTracker - time tracking for impatient and lazy command line lovers

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