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The other day I was idly browsing Perl-related videos on YouTube. I saw quite a few with very low visitor count.

For example, I bumped into a presentation by Brabie about the Eco-System of CPAN Testers. It had less than 20 views!

I find it sad that all the energy Barbie put in preparing and giving the talk at YAPC, where maybe 50-100 people heard it, and all the work the organizers of YAPC put in recording the video and publishing it, and in the end less than 20 people watch it.

So I decided I go forward with my long-time plan and launched the Perl TV.

The idea is to collect interesting Perl-related videos, make them easy to find (e.g. cross linking based on their content, the CPAN modules they cover, etc.), provide a textual description and notes of the video, and promote them.

There will be one video featured every day. You will see the featured video on the front page of the Perl TV and you can also follow it via the RSS feed.

The source of the web site is available on GitHub, and you are more than welcome to send pull request improving the site and submitting other videos.

More importantly, I'd hope some of you will find the idea of sharing these videos a way to show how Perl is alive and will help me doing so.


Thank you. Great Idea.
Have you thought about a rest template/interface? Because I'd like to build a xbmc media player plugin for PerlTV.

Nice idea. I just find it a bit weird that the start page only shows a single video and links to 2 others and I first have to click the small "All" link on the right to see all the videos.

gabor++ # once again proving Perl programmers can both talk AND do at the same time! was supposed to do this. did you try to work with them first?

@Gabor: Maybe make it like this blog where you can browse through pages ordered by the date the videos were added. The "All" link could still be there to see a simple list of all the videos.

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