Why is the latest version of Devel::ptkdb not on CPAN?

In my recent post about debugging perl using Devel::hdb I claimed that
Devel::ptkdb has not been released since 2004, but a commenter pointed out there
are recent released on Sourceforge.

Does anyone here know why is it not uploaded to CPAN?

Are there other projects that somehow stopped being uploaded to CPAN?


Looks like a fork. Andrew Page hasn't touched this in years. I spent the better part of the spring doing some massive updates to Devel::ptkdb and tried to contact Andrew to coordinate an update. I contacted him once and then I got busy and it's been dropped. Perhaps he's not comfortable posting in CPAN since it is Andrew's code.

Looks like latest ptkdb won't stay out of CPAN for long: Matthew got co-maintainer status of ptkdb on CPAN and he's talking with Marco Marazzi to re-use the improvements done on the version of ptkdb hosted on sourceforge. For more details, see the comments in this blog

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