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The behavior in scalar context is undefined.

I was just reading the docs of Email::Address when I encountered this warning. I know this is not the only place where the behavior in scalar context is undefined, but I wonder. Wouldn't it be better to throw an exception or at least print a warning when a function such as the parse method of Email::Address is called in scalar (or void) context?
That would eliminate the incorrect usage faster probably also reducing the questions asked by users. It will also make it easier to add a different functionality later on, wi…

blogs.perl.org statistics

A few weeks ago I posted some numbers regarding the popularity of Perl. Among the numbers I published two graphs. The data collected by Google Analytics on Meta CPAN and on Perl Maven. (It became the most visited Perl-site after search.cpan.org, perl.org, Perlmonks, and Meta CPAN.)

Today I got access to the Google Analytics panel of blogs.perl.org as well.

Low hanging fruit

Once in a while people ask me how could the get involved in Open Source/Perl.

Add some instructions to the
README file of DB_File.

It will require contacting Paul Marquess, the author of the module and maybe finding out if he has a public VCS for his modules.

Other low hanging fruits could be ="http://logiclab.org/wordpress/2014/01/22/changes-…

A repl site for a lot of languages


Source code available on GitHub. Who will add Perl support to it?

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