A repl site for a lot of languages


Source code available on GitHub. Who will add Perl support to it?


Perl would have been more better had there been good REPL like Python. I have tried Devel::REPL, pdl but not happy.
As a perl fan I ask all the perl developers to make a course in Programming in perl in open platform like edX, coursera. This would enhance the popularity, charm of langugage and helps in migration of other people towards it. Note that there are very good tutorials on Python, Java, Scala, Racket, Ruby in coursera.
Thus perl badly needs such course as MOOC in open platform and also the REPL like Python and Ruby.

Best regards
Suman (perl fan)

Is it possible to compile Perl to LLVM? I see that this site is powered by Emscripted. It would be exciting to run Perl code on Javascript runtime.

On repl.it: strange selection of languages. Lots of esoteric and "weird" languages but no Perl, Tcl, or several other more mainstream languages. At least, there should be Python 2 *and* Python 3.

But cool site, nevertheless.

IIRC, a web-based REPL for Perl 6 was once online. The Pugs-based one as well as Rakudo/Parrot one.

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