Low hanging fruit

Once in a while people ask me how could the get involved in Open Source/Perl.
Here is something, I feel is a low hanging fruit:

Add some instructions to the
README file of DB_File.

It will require contacting Paul Marquess, the author of the module and maybe finding out if he has a public VCS for his modules.

Other low hanging fruits could be updating Changes files or doing other quests.


I always tell people to find something that nobody is doing and do that. If no one likes it, find something else. Repeat until people like whatever it is. Even the "failures" teach you many things.

That works outside of Perl too. :)

> If no one likes it...

As a precondition, I'd say one should pick something that *you* yourself would like. For example, find a module that you use frequently, and add a feature to it you'd use, or look at its bug list and fix something on that list.

I was fixing bugs in other people's modules for many years before I ever felt the need to release something new of my own -- because all the problems I faced were similar to something someone else had already thought of.

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