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Which modules do you use?

I submitted a grant request to The Perl Foundation to make the generation of a "batteries included" Perl distribution for Windows and Linux smooth.

Most of the commenters liked the idea, but found the money I asked for too much. So I don't have high hopes in receiving the grant, but one of the points was to do a "market research" or a "survey" to find out which modules people use in their applications. Basically mapping part of the GreyPAN or DarkPAN to see whic…

perldoc -l for modules without pod

perldoc -l Carton prints the path to so I can write

vim $(perldoc -l Carton)

if I want to open it in vim.

perldoc -l Carton::CLI print
No documentation found for "Carton::CLI".

even though there is a Carton::CLI module

wouldn't it be nice it also printed the path to the module, even if it did not have pod in it?

Alternatively, can you recommend another way to access the source code of an installed module?

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