Gittip and companies?

On the main page of Gittip 6 out of the 12 top givers are companies supporting open source. On the main Perl community Page there is no company, and on the extended version of the Perl community Gittip page there is only a single company: Nestoria (currently at position 33-37, giving $1) out of the 42 givers.

I wonder when will companies relying on Perl, come to the conclusion that this is a good and very cheap(!) way to show their support to the Perl community, and probably make it easier for them to hire good developers.

Maybe managers in your company need to be made aware of Gittip and the Perl community there.


I find it amusing that I just blogged about this and it's showing up immediately below your post on the front page :)

Seriously people: ask your company to consider $1 a week. Many companies would be happy to give back, but they either don't know how or they've never thought about it before.

Yup, the sorting algorithm is silly and needs to be corrected.

Hi Gabor, one thing to note, we (Nestoria) are giving only $1/week right now. Every month the team will pick a module of the month, the author of that module will get $1/week for a year. So in 12 months time we'll be giving $12/week. Obviously on its own that's not a massive sum, but hopefully it's more about the signal effect. We'd love to see other companies, large and small, follow our lead. I blogged over on our parent company (Lokku) blog about our open source (and open data) strategy and efforts:

Congrats to Schwern for being picked (against worthy competition) as the first Nestoria module of the month winner for his work on Test::More.

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