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Need IO::Pty help with *BSD/OSX

Recently I encountered an issue with Expect.pm on OSX. I think it is caused by a bug in IO::Pty (Expect.pm is a subclass of IO::Pty) and thus filed a bug report there. I even created a test-case and released an unofficial version of Expect.pm with a test exposing the problem.

Perl Training and donation to TPF

Just a few hours ago Dan Wright mentioned that the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund of the The Perl Foundation needs donations. (In addition Makoto Nozaki just mentioned that the budget of the grants committee is only $16,000 for 2014.) Let me offer part of my work as a donation. The deal is that if you organize a Perl Training that I teach, I'll transfer half of the profit to /users/gabor_szabo/2014/07/index.html

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