Public 0 is the new Inbox 0

If you visit the Github dashboard you will see two entries in the top left corners. Yours and Public with two numbers. These are the number of pull requests you created (Yours) that other people might merge and the Public is the number of pull requests created by others and waiting for you to handles. Please do so. Public 0 is the new Inbox 0.

One of the best ways to encourage people to contribute more is to respond to their contribution quickly. Merging is of course the best action, but even a comment on how the pull request might need to be improved is much better than silence.


I currently have 30 in my "Yours"/"Open" :(
But I'm glad to see I have 216 in my "Yours"/"Closed". Yay! Most of them are for CPAN modules.

I thought part of Inbox 0 was simply deleting all the undealt with messages and thinking that anything that's important will be re-submitted. :)

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