Single-page POD for a distribution

I often find myself going back-and-forth between POD pages of a single distribution. (e.g. Dancer and Dancer::Cookbook.

Is there a way to get all the PODs of a distribution as a single HTML page?


With multiple pages, you can open them in different browser tabs, or different terminals, and flick back and forth between them pretty easily. I'd actually expect the documentation to be harder to read if you were having to scroll up and down to alternate between reading two different sections.

A quick and dirty way to read all pod in a particular distribution as a single page is:

podselect `find lib -type f` | pod2man | man /dev/stdin

I'm sure you can adapt that to use your favourite Pod-to-HTML tool and browser.

If you wanted to get a bit more sophisticated, you could demote all heading levels (head3 to head4, head2 to head3, head1 to head2) and then insert additional head1 headings for each page, so that it's clear where one pod page starts and the other ends. Also, you might want to trim out repeated sections like AUTHORS, COPYRIGHT, etc.

Yeah, wouldn't a long page also make you go "back and forth" (albeit vertically)?

We need someone to add a split-screen feature to $favourite_browser_here.

All versions of Opera prior to version 15 can do split screen.

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