S.C.O. cloning project - progress report

A week ago I mentioned that I've started to create a clone of search.cpan.org using the MetaCPAN API as back-end. I've also promised to record a series of screencasts explaining the process. Something, that can be very useful if you need to rewrite an application and you can't read the source-code.

Since then I made some very good progress in the project itself. While the search for "all" does not work yet, a lot of other features already work as you can see on the site running the clone. You can see the source code in GitHub.

I made somewhat less progress documenting the features of search.cpan.org. I have recorded and published the first screencast looking at search.cpan.org itself, describing the features and preparing the specification. This screencast covered the Authors, Recent, FAQ, and Feedback pages.

The recording of the explanations made the smallest progress. Partially because I was too busy writing the application, but also because I don't want to overwhelm the Perl Maven Pro subscribers with tons of material. If you scroll down to the bottom of the announcement page you can already see the 3 episodes I have published.

In case you'd like to help, I'd appreciate if you checked the 4 pages covered in the search.cpan.org screencast (Authors, Recent, FAQ, and Feedback) to see if they work properly. If they provide the same results as search.cpan.org? If you find issues, please report them via GitHub.

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It's still not clear to me why search.cpan.org doesnt become like (or be replaced by) something more community driven like metacpan.org

That cpan's search function isn't the recommended place to browse cpan doesn't help perl's image (or help newbies)

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