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Master classes at YAPC::NA 2015

This is not the official announcement, but I hope the organizers will forgive me for running ahead a bit.

As has been in previous years, there are going to be so called Master classes during the days before and after YAPC::NA. There are currently 4 courses listed. 3 1-day courses and a 2-day course (mine).

I don't know about the others, but for me, it is quite expensive to get to YAPC, and thus I can only afford to visit YAPC and run the course if it covers my expenses.

Promoting your Perl workshop or conference?

In response to sending out the Perl Weekly I've already received two e-mails from people asking if I got information about DC-Baltimore Perl Worksop that will take place on April 11. Presumably they wanted us to include it in the Perl Weekly newsletter.
The fact that people reach out to the editors of the Perl Weekly is lightyears better than people who just expect us to know about every event and to promote them, but we cannot do much with the events without some news.

I pointed both of them to the ="http://perlweekly.…

Semantic POD

I was working on some POD processing code when I went down the rabbit hole finding the proper module for handling POD files and created a draft just by listing a bunch of modules for POD processing.
But then this question popped up again:

I am probably missing something fundamental, but I don't understand why are there no semantic pod markups? I mean such as =method , =function, =attribute etc. Instead of that we use =head2, =head3, =item in a rather arbitrary way. Which means it is harder to display them in a similar way …

Wish list: SVG to PNG converter

I think once I used Image::LibRSVG to convert images created by SVG to PNG, but now it has 70% test fail rate and I could install it on Mac.

I wish someone saw it as a CPAN challenge, took overt the maintenance of the module and made it easy to install it.

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