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I was not at the QA Hackathon

You might be overwhelmed by all the reports about the QA Hackathon. I am impressed and thankful! I just wish each report had a different title :).

I am especially grateful for the people who have collected the posts. It's much easier now than next year when someone will look for justification to attend or sponsor the event!

YAPC::NA master classes updated

There are now 6 courses:
4 1-day courses (From Zero to Perl, Introduction to Moose, Introduction to Go, and Programming the web with Dancer),
A 1/2 day course about Practical Career Development for Perl Developers,
and a 2-day course about front-end development using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, Handlebars, and AngularJS with some Dancer back-end development.

For details and registration check out the Master classes.

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